Testimonials & Reviews

Hunters all across America are enjoying their CRÜZR products!

Amazing Products and AMAZING customer service. We needed some custom made eye to eye hitches for our high angle team and Jerry took care of all our needs. From start to finish the process was faster then I expected and the product was expertly made to our specifications. I will defiantly be ordering again. Thanks for your all help Jerry!!!” – Sean W. (Verified Customer)

Got my cruzr xc a week ago. I wore it a average of 4 hours each time. Let me say WOW.ive tried 4 other saddle brands and nothing. I mean nothing compares to the cruzr xc…the others would pinch my hips really bad.the xc did not pinch at all.the double plete cups your legs like being in a hammock.so if you have back and hips issues the I definitely suggest you get the xc.no leg fatigue or pinching.well done” – George H. (Verified Customer)

“Huge shoutout to this crew and their level of service. They went above and beyond to get me what i needed quickly to not miss out on a planned trip. i would give you 10 stars if i could!”Kelly R. (Verified Customer)

I really recommend this product. I got it for my husband, also the customer service is incredible good. they respond really quicky and they try to help you always.” – Liz M. (Verified Customer)

“…this is THE saddle for me. I’ve tried a lot of saddles to this point: two panel, sit-drag, single panel…..nothing compares to the Cruzr XC!” – Leif J. (Verified Customer)