CRÜZR S Saddle Hunting Kit

CRÜZR S Saddle Hunting Kit



If you’re looking for the ideal Saddle Hunting starter kit, look no further than the CRÜZR S Kit.

Included with this tree saddle kit:

  • Our CRÜZR S hunting saddle

  • Saddlebag

  • Back-band

  • Tether with Prusik and locking carabiner

  • Lineman’s rope with Prusik and locking carabiner

  • Optional Resc Tech Tree Tether & Lineman Upgrade

  • The CRÜZR S now comes standard with COBRA® ProStyle buckles by AUSTRIALPIN™
  • The CRÜZR S hunting saddle now comes standard with an Adjustable AmSteel Bridge. 

About this Saddle:

The CRÜZR S is the Standard in comfort for CRÜZR hunting saddles. The S offers a solid mesh seat and is also equipped with quick-release buckles, a fixed static rope bridge, and two rows of molle loops. The top row of molle loops is loose for ease of clipping in carabiners and other gear. The bottom is a row of flat molle that works with all aftermarket molle accessories.

The S Saddle is rated for 300 lbs.

Proudly Made in the USA


Size 1 / 28”-33” Size 2 / 34”-38” Size 3 / 38”-42”

Terms of use/Liability

Overhead use can cause serious injury or death. The Treestand Manufacturing Association (TMA) does not approve the use of any saddle to replace a fall arrest device. The user assumes the risk of elevated use.

Return/Refund Policy

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Shipping Info

We are partnered with premium carriers to offer 1-3 day transit times.  A tracking number will be provided once shipped for your convenience.

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Additional Information

COBRA® buckles by AUSTRIALPIN™ provide patented and unrivaled safety performance.

  • The safest, strongest, and most finely crafted buckle in the world.

  • locks smoothly

  • prevents unintentional opening for maximum safety

  • one-sided opening is not possible even while loaded.

  • anodized matte black

Minimum Breaking Load: 18 kN

Material: Aluminum

Color: Black

COBRA is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN.

TM/® & © 2021 TrueTimber Outdoors Holding Company, LLC.

Manufactured and/or distributed under official license by CRÜZR Saddles, LLC